• Clarity AlertMaster™ AL 10
  • Clarity AlertMaster™ AL 10
  • Clarity AlertMaster™ AL 10
  • Clarity AlertMaster™ AL 10

Clarity AlertMaster AL10 Alarm Clock and Signaling System

The Clarity AlertMaster AL-10 is an alarm clock as well as a visual or tactile notification system to inform you which action has triggered the system.  Additional accessories will transmit a signal to the base console or pager up to 30 feet. The system plugs in but the signals are sent wirelessly through your electrical system in your home between devices. Optional accessories sold separately including baby monitor and audio alarm.

  • Comes with: vibrating bed shaker, wireless doorbell & built-in phone jack. 
  • Alarm clock has a built in phone jack to alert you to incoming phone calls
  • Battery backup - Alarms will ring under backup power
  • Simple set-up - just plug it in, no hard-wiring required.
  • Can use a vibrating bed shaker or plug your own lamp in (distinct flashing patterns will distinguish between events)
  • Large brightly lit icons provide optimum visibility
  • Need to be alerted in other rooms? Add the AL-12 or AMPBX receiver for each room 
ID: AL10


This product works with:

Clarity AlertMaster AMAX Audio Monitor

Clarity AlertMaster AMDX Door Announcer

Clarity AlertMaster AMBX Baby Monitor

Clarity AlertMaster AMPBX Tactile Signaler

Sonic SS12V Bed Shaker