• Baby Cry BC-400
Sonic Alert

Sonic BC400 Baby Monitor

This is not a standalone unit. Must be accompanied with a remote receiver (sold separately).

The BC400 is a small, attractive unit that immediately alerts you when your baby starts crying. The BC400 has an adjustable sensitivity control, and can be set to alert you to sounds as soft as a baby's whisper.

The BC400 simply plugs into any outlet in the baby's room. So your baby is not disturbed, no lamp flashes in the baby's room. When your baby cries, the BC400 sends a signal over your home's electrical system to remote receivers, so it is completely wireless! You can rest assured that you will always know when your baby is crying and needs you. The BC400 also has a built-in indicator light to show you it's working.

Please remember you need at least one remote receiver with the BC400. The most popular receiver is our Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB1000 with built-in receiver. 

ID: BC400


This product works with:

Sonic SB1000 Alarm Clock (Without Bed Shaker)

Sonic SB1000SS Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sonic SA101 Lamp Flash Receiver

Sonic SA201 Lamp Flash Receiver