• AudioLink-II 3 mode IR stetho receiver

AudioLink-II 3 mode IR stetho receiver

The AudioLink II is a 3 channel (95KHz/250KHz/stereo) low band IR stetho style receiver. This receiver provides clear, distinct sound when used in conjunction with most low band(95KHz/250KHz/stereo)infrared transmitting system. This is a perfect upgrade/replacement receiver for theaters with 95KHz Sennheiser, Sound Associates, Audex, Williams or Phonic Ear IR systems.
  • Compatible with most standard Low band 95/250/stereo KHz infrared transmitters.
  • Operates for 6-8hrs of continuous use per charge.
  • Daylight filtering lens, to reduce sunlight interference.
  • Power switch built into receiver "arms".


AudioLink IRR951A