• Clarity Baby Monitor AMBX

Clarity AlertMaster AMBX Baby Monitor

This is not a standalone device.

For individuals who are not able to hear a baby crying in the home.  This transmitter will detect the baby crying and then send a signal wirelessly to a signalling system, receiver or tactile signaler to alert the caregiver.

  • For use with the Clarity Alertmaster™ AL10 (or AL10 and AL12 together) Notification System.
  • A portable unit that activates the AlertMaster™ system after 5 seconds of continuous sound such as a baby crying.
  • Equipped with a dial to set the sensitivity level for the sound.


This product requires:

Clarity AlertMaster AL10 Alarm Clock and Signalling System

This product works with:

Clarity AlertMaster AL12 Signalling System Receiver

Clarity AlertMaster AMPBX Tactile Signaler