• CentralAlert Notification System (CA1001)
  • CentralAlert Notification System (CA1001)
  • CentralAlert Notification System (CA1001)
Serene Innovations

Serene CentralAlert CA-360 Notification System

This is an all-in-one notification system for your home.

  • Various sensors alert you to your alarm clock ringing, doorbell or knocking, phone/fax calls, Smoke/CO and other audio alarms, baby cry, weather alerts, motion detectors, and more.*
  • Responds to virtually any audio alarm, including T3 or T4 tones.*
  • Wireless standard 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures interference-free operation.
  • 200-foot radius operating range covers every corner of your home.
  • Pleasant-sounding, adjustable, high-volume audible alerts.
  • Highly visible icons that identify which sound has activated can be seen from afar.
  • Large, glowing clock face for easy viewing; brightness dims automatically at bedtime to support healthy sleep.
  • With dual alarm settings and bed shaker connections, the alarm clock is easily configured for couples.
  • Battery backup provides full operation up to 7 days in case of power outage (Battery not included).
  • Numerous accessories available for customization to meet any need.
 ID: CA-360 or CA1001




This product works with:

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Serene CentralAlert CA-BP Pack of 4 "AA” Rechargeable Batteries